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Preserving the Past Through Custom Pieces

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Get to Know Ferguson Reclaimed Woodworks

Nestled in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson Mo is the home of skilled craftsman, Jeremy Buie,aka
Woodworking Daddy and The Ferguson Reclaimed Woodworks Furniture Company. It is here our story
As a child in the Ozarks, Jeremy would spend his days at his grandfather’s wood shop learning carpentry,
wood carving and working on projects of his own. Coming from a long line of carpenters called Coopers,
the skills and techniques for meticulously shaping wood have been passed down for generations. These are
some of Jeremy’s fondest memories and it shows in the skill and loving detail he puts into all his creations.
In the past few years Jeremy noticed old barns, cabins and farmhouses in his area needing repair and slated
for demolition, some of which are 180 to 200 yrs old. In honoring the rich history and traditions of these
craftsmen of old. Jeremy began acquiring the reclaimed wood of these structures to make furniture, many
times preserving the original tool marks left behind by archaic tools, hand forged square nails and old steam
powered saw mills. These details can be seen today in all of Jeremy’s creations brought to you in exacting
detail and expert craftsmanship by The Ferguson Reclaimed Woodworks Furniture Company.
Made of fine quality hardwoods, sourced exclusively in the United States, these heirloom quality
pieces can be enjoyed for generations to come and a beautiful addition to any home. Custom
pieces are also available upon request. So contact The Ferguson Reclaimed Woodworks
Furniture Company today at www.fergusonreclaimedwoodworks.com; so that we may get started on the
next show piece to be added to your home.


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We Do Custom Work!

I do custom work as well. If you like a piece we make but need a modification, I can help. If you have seen something that you like elsewhere, I can help with that as well. Fill out the section below and let me know what you are looking for. I would be happy to work out a quote for you.

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