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Preserving the Past Through Custom Pieces

Reclaim. Build. Enjoy.

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Shenandoah Table

This Shenandoah table was just finished as a custom order for a customer. The top is full of character with an unprecedented amount of saw marks. We have a limited quantity of the oak from this Flint Hill barn left. This barn has produced some of the best tables I have made. This table also has two matching benches for this customer. The benches have a unique history to them as well. They are made from fur timbers from the second oldest house in Ferguson, MO. This house was built in 1854 by a river boat captain. The captain loved to gamble on horse races. He lost everything and the home ended up with a doctor and his wife. When the Civil War broke out, the doctor served in the Confederate Army. The wife was caught sending letters to her husband and was jailed. After the war, her husband was welcome back into the Union and she remained in jail for a time. The timbers were saved when the home was going through a remodel to open up the floor plan.

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Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Adirondack Chair

Made From Reclaimed Bourbon Barrels

These Adirondack chairs are perfect for setting around the fire with friends while drinking your favorite beverage. Each one is made from a reclaimed bourbon barrel. These barrels are made from white oak. White oak is renowned for its ability to water resistant and its durability. Each one of these chairs is very sturdy and robust. The chairs have a charred seat and back from the bourbon making process. The chairs are stained and then coated in an outdoor polyurethane for extra durability. The chair has a natural curve for the contour of your back and bottom making them very comfortable to set in. Order your today for your outdoor space.

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