The Meramec Farmhouse Table

The Meramec Farmhouse Table

The Meramec Farmhouse Table


The Meramec is a farnhouse table with an x frame base. The X frame is made from reclaimed oak 4x4s. The top is 2 x6s and 2x8s oak floor joist from local barns. The 4x4s used in this table are from an old one room school house from central Missouri. Each table is unique and full of charecter. This table is a great way to preserve the history of this old one room schoole house by provideing a way for the wood to still serve a function and provide a use for years to come. This table is finished in a bee's wax / stain combination. This finish allows for some of the old saw marks and charecter of this wood to remain wil providing a good protective finish to make this table practacle for use as your dining table. This table can be made in 5ft, 6ft, and 7 ft lengths. The height is a standard 30 inches and the top will be between 2 inch to 1 1/2 inches thick. This is a very solid table that will last for years to come. Order on of these unique tables and preserve a little piece of the history of this one room school house nestled along the Meramec River in the Ozarks of Missouri. 


I can make a matching bench for this table as well. If interested, please email to work out pricing. The bench is in the pictures above but not included. 

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