Hand Hewn Floating Mantel

Hand Hewn Floating Mantel

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Hand Hewn Floating Mantel


This mantel is a piece of hand hewn oak from a old log cabin. It is full of axe marks giving it a unique charecter. It is finished with a bee's wax and stain combination.  It is about 5 inches wide, 5 inches tall, and 60 inches long. 


This makes a great shelf or mantel. Hewing is the process of converting a round tree into a beam with flat sides. This process was done with a hewing axe. It is hard to imagine how labor intensive this process. This beam is almost a perfect square. The person that worked this log into a beam was skilled. The log cabin this came out of was estimated to have been built in the 1840's. you can still see plenty of the axe marks on this beam from the hewing process. This mantel would make a great conversation piece. Own a piece of history hand crafted 170+ years ago!


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