Farmhouse Pedestal Table

Farmhouse Pedestal Table

Unique piece of American History

Here is a truly one of a kind table with just finished. This table is a pedestal table with an octagon top. It is perfect for a smaller space. The table is approx 32 inches high, standard height. The shape is not the only thing that makes this table unique. The wood came from several different barns. One of the barns was a tobacco barn from Kentucky. This barn was constructed pre Civil War. These old barns were built to dry tobacco leaves in. My family were tobacco farmers in Tennessee so this table had a special connection for me. This barn was built on stone piers that were stacked by hand with no mortar to hold the stones. It is amazing that it stood as long as it did but that is how they built them back then. After a 100 plus years, one side of the barn fell off the piers and the barn had to come down. Even with all that history, there is much more to this table. The wood that makes the edge around the top is not like anything else I have used before. It is American Chestnut. This is a tree that was very abounded in the east at one time. It is as strong as oak and has a natural resistance to rot. This tree is no longer in existence. In 1904, a beetle, that came out of the bronx zoo, destroyed the entire American Chestnut population in the US. Hybrids of this tree are available today but not for lumber. The population is not strong enough to support harvesting. The only way to get this gorgeous wood is to find it in old barns that were made before this species of tree was destroyed. I had only one small piece of this wood and used it to frame the table top of this table.

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