Barnwood Shelf

Barnwood Shelf

Barnwood Shelf


These beautiful shelves are made from 2x8 from old barns. These 2x8 were the floor joist in these old barns. You can see on the edge of the shelf are nail holes from the floor boards being nailed to them. These beams were sawn with an old steam powered saw mill. You can see in the picture the beautiful saw marks left behind from these old saws. These shelfs are over 100 years old are a great example of recycling and breathing new life into this old wood. Each shelf is finished in a bee's wax and stain combination. THis give them a unique feel and really brings out the charecter of the wood. Each piece is truly one of a kind. They are secured to the wall with black iron pipe and are very sturdy. Price starts at only $55.00 for a 30 inch shelf. 


I can custom cut to any lenght you need to fit your space. 

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